The Graphics Muse Tools are a set of plugins, brushes, and patterns designed for use with the GIMP.

The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, a Photoshop-like application that runs on Linux, Unix, Windows, and even Mac OS X systems.

Latest News

A new beta version of the Graphics Muse Tools has been released. Beta2 is a complete port to GIMP 2.2.3 and GTK+ 2.6, including ports of all deprecated features. See the download page to get a copy of the source code.

This project consists of three parts: a set of C and Perl plugins, a set of brushes, and a set of patterns. The package is availabe in source code format only at this time. You'll need a Linux or Unix system to compile the C source and the GIMP Perl package to use the Perl plugins.

The plugins

There are 6 plugins that use the C API and 4 that use the Perl interface.

Plugin Name Description API
GFXArrows Draws arrows of varying shapes C
GFXCards Design greeting or business cards. C
GFXTrans Easily rotate repeat layers one or more times to create animations. C
GFXLayers Interactive layer alignment C
GFXMerge Export or import one or more layers. C
GFXShapes Draw a variety of shapes C Fix overexposure problems in a photo. Perl Save layers to separate images. Perl Save layer offset information to a formatted file. Perl Generate thumbnails (color and grayscale) from a directory of JPEG, GIF and PNG files. Perl

The brushes

Standard Set     Grunge Set

The patterns

Standard Set

What is XEUS?

XEUS stands for Ximba End User Software. Ximba is the new name for the Graphics Muse. XEUS is my own personal SourceForge.

Ximba focuses on desktop software (including graphics). XEUS is the web site that makes this software publicly available as well opening the software to public contribution.

If you're interested in contributing to a project with coding, artwork, documentation or support expertise, just send me a note: mjhammel at graphics-muse dot com.