Ximba Radio is an application for listening to XM Satellite Radio®. It is a GTK+ based front end to the OpenXM daemon. The daemon manages a USB connected XMPCR receiver, which in turn pumps the audio signal into your audio cards input port. The daemon runs in the background and the UI connects to it to manage stations, favorites, and audio.

This is the first stable release. Basic functions include

  • Connecting to and starting up the radio.
  • Disconnecting from and shutting down the radio.
  • Channel up, Channel down
  • Jump to channel
  • Back to previous channel
  • Mute on / off
  • Preferences
  • Channel listing window that can be hidden from view.
  • Artist and Channel Favorites
  • Notify when a favorite artist is playing on some station other than the current one, allow quick jump to that station.
  • Category Tabs
  • Session History

The preferences dialog provides the user options for disabling notifications, hiding category tabs and setting the default display for the Channel Listings window.

Future enhancements are expected to include:

  • Keeps track of percent usage vs other stations.
  • Start/Stop Daemon.
  • Volume control
  • GStreamer based audio reflector

What is XEUS?

XEUS stands for Ximba End User Software. Ximba is the new name for the Graphics Muse. XEUS is my own personal SourceForge.

Ximba focuses on desktop software (including graphics). XEUS is the web site that makes this software publicly available as well opening the software to public contribution.

If you're interested in contributing to a project with coding, artwork, documentation or support expertise, just send me a note: mjhammel at graphics-muse dot com.